Re'an RT3FC-B-W

TINY XLR cable connector, 3-pole female

Order Code: RT3FC-B-W
RRP: $6.00

RT3FC-B-W is useful whenever a 3-pin female 'tiny XLR' is required.

These tend to get used for repairs to cables, designed to fit AKG wireless bodypack transmitters.

3 pole TINY xlr female cable connector, black metal shell, water resistant due to rubber sealing boot (patent pending), gold plated contacts.


Photo of Re'an RT3FC-B-W available from Factory Sound


  • Easy to assemble
  • Robust metal housing with best flex relief
  • Shielded system – high noise immunity and EMI protection
  • Intuitive and rugged locking mechanism provides secure locking system
  • Millionfond proven chuck type strain relief – up to 4.00 mm cable diameter
  • Keyed insert and strain relief to avoid mispositioning / rotation of insert respectively cable