Bose S1-Pro

S1 Pro Multi-Position PA system (battery powered)

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For the 'too long, didn’t read' summary via video, scroll straight down and check out Andy from Bose - his great summary takes less than 2 mins on our video tab.

Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA system ticks more boxes than what you’d find when voting below the line on your Senate ballot paper.

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Position, position, position!
Use S1 Pro upright on a speaker stand - or resting on its base on a table. OR, lay it in floor monitor (wedge) position, OR upright and tilted back for 'busking' position. Of course, S1 Pro will recognise what position it’s in, and adjust its own EQ accordingly.

Inputs and the mixer
On the back, you'll find a couple of mic/instrument inputs, and you can choose whether the ToneMatch™ EQ is off, or set to either Acoustic Guitar or Vocal mic.
The third input is for your 'iPod', with input via either a stereo minijack, or a handy BlueTooth link.

Battery Included
And the BIG feature of S1 Pro, is the included Lithium-ion battery, for up to 11 hours of play time when used at high-output levels.

This, coupled with the fact that S1 Pro weighs a little over just 7kg, makes this speaker a perfect choice for any situation were a bit of vocal suport is essential (beach wedding, anyone?)

Photo of Bose S1-Pro available from Factory Sound
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