Compact, Portable Digital Snake (16 in, 8 out)

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S1608 (16 input, 8 output) is perfect to expand your Roland V-Mixing system, or to use with an S0816 (8 input, 16 output) to make a stand-along digital multicore.

S1608 ultilses Roland’s propriety REAC protocol:

The backbone of the V-Mixing System is based on REAC – Roland’s Ethernet Audio Communication transmission protocol for low latency, high quality digital audio transfer.

Products using REAC technology are installed today in many venues and have been used for high profile events worldwide. REAC’s 24-bit, 40×40 channel protocol delivers pristine digital audio via lightweight, inexpensive and easy to install cable (Cat5e). REAC technology is immune to externally induced signal quality degradation or hums and buzzes typically found in analog systems. You have more freedom in cable placement resulting in lower cost and better sound quality.


  • 16 input x 8 output configuration
  • Compact, floor-based or rack-mountable design
  • High resolution 24 bit / 96 kHz audio quality
  • Remote controllable preamps using an S-4000R or free RCS software
  • REAC low latency digital audio transmission system
  • Easy and affordable splits and recording options