Presonus S1U-A3P3-BLU

Studio One Professional (upgrade from Artist)

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Our Price: $399.99

This upgrade package takes you from Studio One 3 Artist, all the way up to Studio One 3 PRO.

Studio One 3 Pro UPG includes a USB installer, which is handy because the extra included content is bulging with an extra 15 Gb of samples and sounds not found on Studio One 3 Artist.

Of course, it's not just extra samples you're chasing though, and with Studio One 3 Pro you'll be getting a whole lot more than what you're already using with 'Artist'

For starters, the audio export gets beefed up with FLAC and MP3 options available. You also get video import and video track playback window, for those who are using Studio One 3 for sound design.

If you're looking to take your project to the next level of creativity, Studio One 3 Pro also unlocks the joys of extended FX chains (simple drag and drop), which offer parallel processing, along with multi-instruments.

Oh, and the full version of Melodyne Essentials pitch correction tool is also included.

Step up and join the Studio One 3 Pro party

Photo of Presonus S1U-A3P3-BLU available from Factory Sound

Notable improvements to version 3:


  • Audio Bend updated with élastiquePRO 3 time stretch and pitch manipulation for pristine audio, even with extreme tempo shifts.


  • Step Recording for easy beat and track programming, even of complex parts.


  • Help when and where you need it through dynamic, context-sensitive documentation, Extended InfoView, and tool-tips.
  • Track List and Inspector buttons have been moved and no longer jump.
  • Dividers in mixer and Track Inspector now resize dynamically.
  • Playback cursor visual improvements (including red on record).
  • New Focus Frame highlights screen area with key command focus.


  • New Render Instrument Tracks function renders Note FX and Transpose/Velocity track parameters.
  • New All Notes Off (Panic) command in MIDI Monitor panel. Keyboard shortcut is assigned to “#”.
  • New option to apply Folder Channel track color to enclosed tracks and channels (Advanced/Editing/Tracks).


  • MIDI input filters are now available per MIDI input device (moved from global settings).


  • Drag folder to create a new tab.
  • Cmd+F always opens browser and search field (incl. Pool).
  • “Category” is now included in plug-in search.
  • Search results are automatically grouped by type.


  • Delete Time also deletes markers/tempo/time-signature events.
  • Selecting Delete Time without selection opens Start/End time window.
  • New assignable key commands for Insert Silence in Loop and Delete Time in Loop have been added.


  • A dot on knobs indicates automated controls of plug-ins and instruments.


  • Mono processing is now available for mono AU plug-ins.
  • VST2/VST3 plug-in sidechaining now supports I/O configuration changes.