Digital Snake, 24 in / 16 out Stage Unit

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As part of Roland’s V-Mixing System, S2416 is a welcome addition.

At first glance, we can see 24 inputs via XLR, with “discrete mic preamps that have been freshly designed to be transparent with uncoloured sound”, plus 16 outputs via XLR. Of course, for easy ID of what’s happening on this stage box, each input has 3 x coloured LED indicators for phantom power, clipping and signal present.

Flip the stage unit around though, and you’ll notice a D-Sub connector – which is for an additional 8 inputs and 8 outputs, via AES, making for a total of 32 input and 24 output channels

S2416 has two REAC ports enabling the ability to cascade an additional snake for expanded I/O or for a fully redundant, zero-loss audio back-up solution.


  • 24 input x 16 output analog + 8 input x 8 output digital (AES/EBU) = total of 32 input x 24 output
  • 2 REAC ports for expanded REAC configurations and redundancy
  • Newly developed high-grade mic preamps
  • 4U adjustable front or rear rack-mount design
  • Supports 24-bit 96kHz, 48kHz, or 44.1 kHz audio
  • Word clock in & out
  • Remote control with any V-Mixer console, R-1000, S-4000R dedicated remote unit, and S-4000 RCS via USB (Windows/Mac)