3-way studio monitor with 9″ + 4″ mid + S-ART tweeter (each pricing)

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ADAM Audio S3V is a three-way studio monitor optimised for vertical use and designed primarily for midfield applications. (Each pricing)

Bass frequencies from 32 Hz to 250 Hz are handled by ADAM Audio’s entirely new 9-inch Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) LF driver, which incorporates Symmetrical Magnet Assembly (SMA) and delivers a powerful, accurate low end extending right down into the sub-bass region.

Mid-range and HF information is reproduced with equally analytical precision thanks to the combination of ADAM Audio’s 4-inch DCH mid-range driver and the highly refined S-ART folded-ribbon HF driver. Together with the brand-new HPS waveguide, the latter offers high-frequency reproduction with an extremely broad sweet spot with fine, highly detailed imaging and a natural-sounding sense of depth.

S Series custom-designed DSP optimises the loudspeaker crossovers to create linear responses for the entire range, as well as providing user equalisation and in-room tuning/voicing functions.

S3V’s built-in amplification is generously specified, comprising Class D units for the bass and mid-range drivers (500 W and 300W RMS respectively) and a 50 W Class A/B amplifier for the S-ART tweeter.

Offering flawless reproduction of audio frequencies between 32 Hz and 50 kHz, the S3V is an excellent choice for anyone demanding highly accurate imaging and localisation from their reference monitors.

S3V features:

  • German Handmade Precision S-ART Tweeter with HPS Waveguide
  • 4″ Dome / Cone Hybrid (Carbon Composite)
  • 9“ Woofer (Hexacone)
  • Cumulated Amp. Power RMS: 850 W
  • Frequency Response: 32 Hz – 50 kHz (-20 dB)
  • Max. SPL Per Pair at 1 m: ≥124 dB
  • AES3 Digital Inputs And Various Expansion Options
ELE™ Woofer
Quantity: 1
Diameter: 223 mm (9′′)
Voice coil OD: 50mm (2″)
Diaphragm material: Hexacone
DCH™ Mid-range
Quantity: 1
Diameter: 100 mm (4′′)
Voice coil OD: 60mm (2.4″)
Diaphragm material: Carbon-Composite
Quantity: 1
Type:  S-ART
Radiating area: 4 in²
(2420 mm²)
Corresponding dome area: 56 mm (2.2′′)
Transformation factor: 4:01
Moving mass: 0.17 g
Built-In Amplifiers
Woofer: 1
Type: Class D
Output power: 500 W
Mid-range: 1
Type: Class D
Output power: 300 W
Tweeter: 1
Type: Class A/B
Output power: 50 W