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CAIG DeoxIT SHIELD Contact Protector - 5% Spray

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CAIG DeoxIT® SHIELD Contact Protector is a contact lubricant and protectant for metal surfaces.

Good in particularly harsh environments, as a barrier, DeoxIT SHIELD needs to be used on clean surfaces, as part of your preventative maintenance routine. If you're dealing with 'already oxidised' gear, make sure you've thoroughly cleaned up first with CAIG DeoxIT® fast-acting deoxidizing solution.

DeoxIT® Shield SN5 Spray, 5%, non-flammable, Perfect-Straw™ System, quick dry - non drip, and safe on plastics, 163g

Applications = 1200 +/-

The handy straw can be swung 'out of the way' for direct-from-the-nozzle use, or up into action for those harder-to-reach places.

- Enhances conductivity for cleaner audio, clearer video, and more reliable data?
- Reduces intermittent connections, arcing, and RFI as well as wear and abrasion?
- Creates a long lasting barrier against oxidation and corrosion

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CAIG Laboratories, Hosa Technology and Factory Sound

CAIG Laboratories are the leading producer of environmentally-safe contact cleaners and connector enhancing treatments, proudly partnered by HOSA since 2009. Factory Sound carries a large offering, so make sure you grab what you need - before that uh-oh moment happens at a gig

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