Radial SB-1

Active DI – Compact, 48v powered

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Stage Bug SB-1 has the same design and function attitude as the rest of the Radial Stage Bug range – including the essential (non-negotiable) elements for a squeaky clean signal path, and gets it all crammed into a super-compact housing, so there’s no excuse for traveling to a gig without one.

Small enough to stick in an acoustic guitar case or the string pocket of a guitar bag, SB-1 is an active DI (requires 48v phantom) to help balance and drive your guitar output safely to the PA system.

Input is via a standard ¼” jack, with a thru-put to feed your tuner or your on-stage amp. The active circuit converts your signal from high to low impedance to reduce susceptibility to noise, buffers it and then balances the signal for long runs to the PA system.

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  • Active direct box for acoustic guitar
  • Ultra compact to fit in your guitar case
  • Plug & play easy to use feature set
  • 48V phantom powered (no batteries)

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Inside the stiletto-proof 16 guage steel case is a carefully selected 220k-ohm input impedance to eliminate problems with loading while delivering a smooth, warm sound to the audio system. This is particularly important when interfacing vintage guitars with low output pickups when should you plan to do some recording or Reamping.

SB-1 is also includes a switchable -15dB pad that reduces the input sensitivity to gracefully handle even the loudest instruments. This makes SB-1 perfectly well suited for electric bass and keyboards. To reduce feedback, toggling the 180° polarity switch helps eliminate hot spots on stage that can cause low frequency resonance.


Audio circuit type:  Active Buffer with Phase Splitter
Frequency response:  20Hz to 20KHz
Total harmonic distortion:  <0.006%
Dynamic range:  >100dB
Input impedance:  800K/23K
Maximum input:  +2dBu/+8dBu
Gain:  +1.3dBu/+4.4dB
Clip Level – Output  +3.3dBu/+12.3dBu
Output impedance: 330 Ohms
Equivalent input noise:  -101dBu
Noise floor: -97dBu
Intermodulation distortion: <0.01%
Phase deviation: 25/12 degrees Maximum


Switches:  Pad, Phase
Merge function:  Automatic
Input pad:  -12dB
Polarity: Yes
XLR configuration:  + = Pin 2, – = Pin 3, Ground = Pin 1 


Construction:  16 gauge steel chassis & outer shell
Finish: Durable powder coat
Size:  (L x W x D) 114mm x 47mm x 34mm
Weight:  250 grams
Shipping Size: (L x W x D): 203mm x 127mm x 76mm
Shipping weight: 365 grams
Power:  48V phantom power
Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C