Shure SBC203

Dual Docking Recharge Station for SLXD transmitter and SB903

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Shure SB203 is a dual docking recharge station for SLXD transmitters with SB903 lithium-ion batteries.

Rather than (a) always needing to purchase fresh batteries for each show, and (b) contributing to landfill, use genuine Shure SB903 rechargeable lithium-ion battery in your SLXD transmitter. You can then simply slip two of your transmitters straight into the dual dock when you’re finished the show. It’s perfect for a conference centre, school auditorium and a heap of other situations.

The dual docking recharge station charges two SB903 lithium-ion batteries either in or out of their transmitters, and comes with a power supply included.

Charge times:

30 mins = 15% = 1 hour run time (approx)
1 hour 15 mins = 50% = 4 hours run time (approx)
2 hours 30 mins = 100% = 8 hours run time (approx)

To charge, place batteries into the charging bays with slotted sides down, or insert transmitters into the charging bays with the display facing forward. The LEDs illuminate to indicate battery status.

Important tip for before first use of a new SB903 li-on battery:

Always fully charge a new battery before first use. To fully charge a new SB903 battery, it must be placed directly in the charger.

Place the battery into the charger, slotted side down.

After the first charge, the battery can be charged by docking the transmitter in the SBC203 dual-bay charging station.

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