Sealing cover for NAC3MPX

Order Code: SCNAC-MPX
RRP: $2.75

When you're building your racks, make sure you plonk the SCNAC-MPX rubber sealing cover in place.

It goes in between NAC3MPX, and the panel you're securing to.

SCNAC-MPX protects the powerCON TRUE1 male chassis connector NAC3MPX from dust and water according to protection class IP65.

Photo of Neutrik SCNAC-MPX available from Factory Sound

powerCON TRUE1 series has an in and out for any situation. Check out the full range below:

NAC3FX-W powerCON TRUE1 - female cable connector
NAC3MX-W powerCON TRUE1 - male cable connector
NAC3FPX powerCON TRUE1 - female panel connector
NAC3MPX powerCON TRUE1 - male panel connector
NAC3PX powerCON TRUE1 - in/out panel combination

SCNAC-FPX Sealing cover for NAC3FPX
SCNAC-MPX Sealing cover for NAC3MPX
SCNAC-PX Sealing cover NAC3PX