DiGiCo SD9 surface - single power supply

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Live Digital Console with Stealth Digital Processing™

SD9 features 24 touch-sensitive motorised faders and benefits from quick access function buttons for fast response times. At the heart of the console's worksurface is a 15-inch, high resolution TFT LCD touch screen with backlit display. In addition, the SD9 benefits from dedicated multi-function control knobs and electronic labelling.

Under the surface:
SD9 boasts 48 Flexi Channels (configurable as either mono or stereo) at 48kHz/96kHz, which is the equivalent of 96 channels of full DSP processing.

Standard channel processing, whether inputs or outputs, includes Channel Delay, Single and Multi Channel Presets, Dual insert points, Hi- and Lo-pass filters @ 24dB/octave, four-band parametric EQ with band curve selection, Dual insert points, DiGiCo's DYN 1 (Compressor, De-esser or assignable Multi Channel Compressor) and DYN 2 (Gate, Compressor or Ducker).

The right connections:
SD9 has a vast local I/O section including eight mic inputs, eight line outs, four mono AES/EBU, one MADI port, and two dedicated D-Rack Ports.

The D-Rack is a 32-input, eight-output remote I/O rack with the option to increase to 16 outputs if desired. Users can also connect a second D-Rack (as with the Rack Pack combination) which will provide a total of 72 mic inputs.

This version of SD9 includes 1 x work surface, and 1 x power supply.
It does not include D-Rack. Talk with Factory Sound about the best configuration for your needs.

Photo of DIGICO SD9 available from Factory Sound
  • Sd9-ws1p
  • Sd9-ws1p-rear
  • Sd9-faders

Main Features:

  • 48 Flexi Input Channels
  • 24 Flexi Aux / Sub-Group Busses
  • LR/LCR Master Bus
  • 12 x 8 Full Processing Matrix
  • 8 Dynamic Equalisers
  • 8 DiGiTuBes
  • 8 Multiband Compressors
  • 8 Digital FX
  • 16 Graphic Equalisers
  • Optional Waves Integration
  • 48/96kHz Sample Rate