Shotgun Capsule for H5 & H6 Handy Recorder

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Part of the charm of ZOOM H5 and H6 handy recorders is that there is a variety of interchangeable capsules available.

Both H5 and H6 come standard with an X/Y capsule, or if you’d like more inputs – check out the EXH-6 module.

However, for those who need more directionality, this SGH-6 shotgun capsule is perfect.

Thanks to the three internal mics with digital signal processing ability, SGH-6 achieves a frequency-independent super-cardioid polar pattern.

Compared to ordinary shotgun microphones using an acoustic tube method, the SGH-6 maintains a highly directional pickup at about half the length.


  • SGH-6 Shotgun Capsule
  • Fluffy Windscreen

Try this one for an on-camera interview – if someone is speaking in front of a video camera and you don’t want them to hold a microphone up to their mouth, the solution is to use your H6, with the shotgun capsule pointed at your talent.

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