Neumann SH150

Gooseneck for Miniature Clip Mic System

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Neumann SH150 is a flexible gooseneck (150mm) for the Miniature Clip Mic (MCM) system.

The microphone capsule is mounted with a detachable screw connection, and the elastic suspension bracket is made of sophisticated plastics for excellent absorption of structure born noise. The gooseneck is connected by a rotating clip to the various mounting options in the system.

Length: 150 mm.
Output socket for connecting to AC 31, AC 32, AC33 and AC 34 connection cables.

The included KC 1 cable clip can be used to additionally secure the connection between the gooseneck and the connection cable.

SH150 comes standard in the following kits:

  • MCM 114 SET HIGH STRINGS (violin, viola, mandolin)
  • MCM 114 SET GUITAR (nylon or steel string acoustic, or resonator)
  • MCM 114 SET BASS (acoustic bass)
  • MCM 114 SET DRUMS (snare, tom tom, percussion, includes discrete clip)
  • MCM 114 SET BRASS / SAX / UNIVERSAL (easy clip on mic for ‘large bell’ instruments)
  • MCM 114 STEREO SET PIANO (two mics with magnetic mounts)
  • MCM 114 SET WOODWINDS (includes hook and loop fastener for double reeds, flute and more)
  • MCM 114 SET CELLO (with a mount suitable for optimal cello placement)