Destop mixer with 2 recording channels

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SSL SiX is a 6-channel desktpop analogue mixer with two recording channels.

Two Mono Money Channels: SiX gives you a pair of recording channels that deliver outstanding results quickly and easily. They include transparent SuperAnalogueTM Mic Preamps with a wide 66dB of gain range, phantom power, 75Hz high pass filter and separate line-level input which can be switched to instrument level. Each has a brand-new one knob compressor circuit based on and with the same sound as the classic SSL Channel Compressor. There is  a new two-band SSL EQ that may be switched between shelf and bell curves, with different centre frequencies for each type. Each channel has a balanced insert point for integrating other processors, and like all SSLs the insert send is always active – so it can be used as a record send to your DAW.

SiX has 100mm faders with carefully set fader tapers that give the most control over the most useable gain range for both studio and live production control.

Twelve Line Inputs at Mixdown: SiX has two stereo line input channels with -10/+20 dB trim, balance controls and 100mm faders.  If only the Left input of a stereo channel is connected the channel will automatically switch to mono, panned centre. Using the two mono input and the two stereo input channels gives SiX its name, but it also has two stereo EXTernal inputs (with level controls) which can be sent to the mix bus. Include the ALT inputs and we have up to 12 channels that can be summed into the main mix bus.

SiX features:

  • Benchmark SuperAnalogueTM audio performance – Ultra low noise : ultra-low distortion : pristine sound
  • Stunning Record Path – Two SSL console grade SuperAnalogue mic pre’s
  • Classic SSL Channel Processing – Essential versions of SSL Channel EQ and Dynamics
  • The unique Listen Mic Compressor – Nothing slams drums quite like it!
  • Professional Routing & Monitoring – The hidden versatility of truly professional features
  • 12 Input Summing @ Mixdown – 12 line level inputs with channel and Master Bus inserts
  • Legendary Master Bus Compressor – An essential version of the incredible SSL legacy
  • Completely balanced signal path  – Everything except the headphone jack is fully balanced