Shure SLX24B87AL4

Multichannel UHF Microphone (with Beta87A head)

Order Code: SLX24B87AL4
Our Price: $1,125.00

SLX series, although not at the very top of Shure's extensive wireless offering, is one of our favourites. So many features for such a good price. Steel chassis receiver, scan function with 100 channels, rack mounting kit and long battery life are features normally left out of professional wireless microphones at this price.

This complete systems contains: SLX4 receiver, SLX2 handheld transmitter with Beta87A capsule, plus accessories (rack kit, power supply, batteries, antennas, etc)

L4 frequency set: 638 - 662 MHz

Photo of Shure SLX24B87AL4 available from Factory Sound

Easy Setup
    •    Automatic Frequency Selection
    •    Automatic Transmitter Setup
    •    Removable antennas and rack hardware included

Exceptional Audio quality
    •    Shure’s Patented Audio Reference Companding improves sound quality
    •    Wide s selection of Shure microphone heads, headsets and lavaliers
    •    Predictive Diversity technology for improved transmission quality

Complete installation solutions
    •    Up to 12 compatible frequencies per band
    •    Furnished rack hardware included for single or double mounted installation in a standard 19“ rack.
    •    Detachable 1/4 wave antennas
    •    Rugged metal chassis
    •    Multi-function, backlit LCD on transmitter and receiver