InstallF SP215/100

Speaker Cable – Fig 8 – 2x 1.5mm² (100m roll)

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InstallFlex SP215/100 is a 2-core speaker cable with double-insulated jacket, 2x 1.5mm² conductors – 100m roll.

This is not your average ‘figure 8’ speaker cable for installation duties. The outer jacket is UV resistant (UL1581, UVA, 720 h), making it useful for either indoor or outdoor applications.

The PVC outer jacket is also durable, should installers need to cable pull. Outer dimensions are: 4.4mm x 7.0mm.

The good stuff inside:

Each of the two cores is 1.5mm² oxygen-free copper (30 x 0.25 copper strands).

Cable Type: Loudspeaker Cable
Construction: 2-cores, Parallel
Inner Conductor
Material: Oxygen-free Copper
Construction: 30 x 0.25mm Bare Copper Strands
Section: 1.5mm²
American Wire Gauge: 16AWG
Material: PVC
Colours: Black / Red
Nominal Diameter: 2.7mm
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.6mm
Outer Jacket
Material: PVC
Colour: Black
Diameter: 4.4mm x 7.0mm
Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.8mm
Other Characteristics
Max DC Resistance: 13.30 Ohms / Km
Compliance: ROHS
Identification: Metre Marked

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