Special 80 Mini Windjammer

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Rycote Special 80 Mini Windjammer has been designed for use over a foam windshield of 50 mm diameter and 80 mm long.

Typically, the on-camera interviews you’ll see out on the footy field (AFL broadcast), are using a FOAM windshield on top of their Sennheiser Wireless microphone.

However, should you find yourself in a super-windy environment, simply slip a Special 80 Mini Windjammer over the top of the foam windshield, and you’ll get extra protection to avoid the buffeting wind sound that will instantly spoil your broadcast or recording.

Once you’ve popped it over the top, pull the ‘rip cord’ (touch-fastener), and it’ll be like you’ve sent your first-born all rugged up to face a day in the snow.

This Special 80 Mini Windjammer is ideal for use over the top of Sennheiser MZW1 foam windsheild, or Rycote 40/55 Reporter Mic foam windshield.

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Special 80 Mindjammer features:

  • Suitable for use over a foam windshield of 50 mm diameter and 80 mm long
  • Record, interview or broadcast in any weather


Since 1969, Rycote has been conceiving and producing industry-standard microphone accessories for broadcast and studio purposes. Whether it’s for a Windjammer, Softie, Blimp, Fluffy, Windshield – the first name on discerning users minds is Rycote.