Reference SPK4-2P-V

Speakon speaker lead, 2 x 2.5mm cable – 4m

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Speaker cable, made with all the right components. 

Get the amplifier juice squirting all the way to your speakers, with minimum resistance. We have chosen Van Damme cable for the job – their Black Series Tour Grade 2x 2.50mm cable is flexible, has a small OD (7.6mm), and 50 x 0.25mm conductor stranding.

There is no other choice than genuine Neutrik Speakon for the job. We have selected the old faithful NL4FX for this application, but be aware that it’s wired for ‘standard passive’ speaker operation (ie: 1+ / 1-). 

Should you require a cable specifically built for (2+ / 2-), or perhaps a true 4-conductor speaker cable (or even 6-8 way), get in touch and we’ll either make it for you, or at the very least hook you up with the best components for the job.

Length: 4m

Limited Lifetime Warranty – all our Factory Sound handmade leads come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We’re so confident with the genuine Neutrik connectors, Van Damme cable and our own workmanship, that we’ll fix it for free if your lead breaks during normal wear and tear. Treat them nicely, and you’ll never need to take us up on the offer. Slashed leads due to cymbal stand disasters on stage will not be covered.