Dynamic cardioid end-address MULTI-VOICE microphone

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Aston Stealth is a revolutionary, dynamic cardioid end-address microphone for studio and stage.

With 4 switchable voices, a (world’s first) Class A built in mic preamp with autodetect 48V Phantom power, and unique Sorbothane internal shock mount system, Stealth is another Aston instant classic.

Think of Stealth as four microphones in one. There are 2 vocal settings, optimised for different vocal tones, a guitar setting, and a dark, vintage setting.

Mics which apply ‘flattering’ – but destructive – pre EQ make professional post-processing almost impossible. Stealth, however, provides a choice of four pure, high quality signal paths. The voice settings are not EQ filters, they are contour networks, meaning the bulk of the signal does not pass through any sort of filter circuitry. The whole signal is slightly attenuated, with some frequencies being added back in at a higher level. This results in much lower phase distortion than conventional filter designs.

V1 (Vocal 1): This was voted top in blind testing for a range of male vocal takes, regardless of the pitch of the singer.
V2 (Vocal 2): This setting came top for a range of female vocal takes. As with V1 this was more to do with timbre than pitch.
G (Guitar): At home on anything from Spanish guitar through to raucous guitar cabs!
D (Dark): A vintage sound, reminiscent of classic ribbon mics.

48V Phantom Autodetect – a world’s first

Stealth works with or without 48V phantom power and is the world’s first microphone to feature an Autodetect function which senses 48V and switches to active mode, to utilise another of Stealth’s standout features… a built-in professional grade Mic Preamp.

Phantom power is indicated by Aston’s purple LED floodlights, which can be switched off when Stealth is to be heard but not seen, for example in broadcast and video situations.