Lavalier Adhesive Pads – 30 pack

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Stickies – Lavalier Adhesive Pads – 30 Pack

Highly useful for a range of applications, STICKIES are double-sided adhesive pads, typically used to secure a ‘personal microphone’ directly onto skin or clothing. 

It can also be used to affix a lavalier mic to musical instrument, furniture, car interiors and just about anywhere else you could imagine needing a discrete microhpone. 

SOFTIE pads are sandwiched with a soft fabric to prevent the mount from creaking when the mic is attached. The materials used are hypoallergenic and the adhesive does not transfer to clothes, polished surfaces or microphone grilles.

They’re probably gluten-free as well, but we suggest you don’t ingest SOFTIES. External use only.

Directions for use:

  • Peel the upper layer of the Stickie,
  • Place the Stickie onto skin or piece of clothing,
  • Peel off the top liner of the Stickie,
  • Place the Lavalier mic onto the Stickie.

Since 1969, Rycote has been conceiving and producing industry-standard microphone accessories for broadcast and studio purposes. Whether it’s for a Windjammer, Softie, Blimp, Fluffy, Windshield – the first name on discerning users minds is Rycote.

Other solutions for lavalier microphones include – foam windshields, overcovers, undercovers and ristretto windjammers.

Check the RYCOTE brand page in our webstore for even more options.