Presonus StudioLive 32

40-input digital console/recorder with motorised faders

Order Code: SL-32
Our Price: $4,699.00

It's been a while in the asking, but the 3rd generation of Presonus StudioLive digital mixing consoles have landed with a big bang!

StudioLive 32 has the motorised faders that have been missing in previous versions of StudioLive, but that's just scratching the surface of the host of new features.

Integrated multitrack recording and virtual soundcheck (no computer required). PreSonus Capture recording software is installed directly into the StudioLive 32 so you can leave your laptop at home. Capture's one-touch recording makes it easy to record to the StudioLive 32's onboard SD multitrack recorder.

A re-envisioned Fat Channel... the StudioLive 32 Fat Channel has received a major overhaul, while continuing to offer digital precision with the "heart and soul of analog". A plug-in-style workflow that features vintage-style EQ and compression options on every channel, from classic tube limiters to passive EQs.

In addition to the AVB recording connection, StudioLive 32 has a 1 Gb Ethernet port that can connect to a wireless router or directly to a computer, providing remote control of virtually all features. Mix wirelessly or over a wired network from anywhere using UC Surface for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad®. Musicians can control their monitor mixes onstage with QMix®-UC for iPhone®, iPod® touch, or Android™ device without the need for large monitor networks.

See below for the huge list of features, along with our 4 min overview via the Video tab

Photo of Presonus StudioLive 32 available from Factory Sound
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  • Studiolive-32-rear

General Controls

  • 33 touch-sensitive, motorized faders with choice of:
         1-to-1 workflow—assign all channels to the top layer, with one fader per input channel
         Split-layer workflow—split the faders between inputs and outputs, including DCAs and Aux outputs
  • RGB Select buttons with user-assignable colors
  • Transport control
  • 8 user-assignable buttons for mute groups, scenes, and more
  • All-new Fat Channel controls including:
         8 scribble strips, encoders, and multicolor buttons
         Customisable user layer
         7-inch color touchscreen

Inputs and Outputs

  • 40 total inputs
  • 32 channel inputs: 16 mic, 16 mic/line
  • 1 XLR Talkback mic input with recallable XMAX Class A preamp
  • 2 stereo Aux inputs
  • 16 FlexMix outputs: 12 XLR, 4 balanced TRS
  • 4 TRS subgroup outputs
  • Unbalanced stereo (RCA) tape input and output
  • Bluetooth™ 4.1 wireless tape input
  • Stereo AES/EBU digital output
  • 2 XLR (L/R) Main outputs
  • XLR Main summed mono output
  • 2 TRS monitor outputs
  • Stereo headphone output

Channels and Buses

  • 32 input channels with recallable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • 2 stereo aux inputs
  • 26 buses:
         16 FlexMixes (can be designated as aux, subgroup, or matrix mixes)
         4 dedicated subgroups
         4 internal effects sends
         Stereo main bus
  • 24 Filter DCAs for easily and flexibly controlling groups of channels

Networking Connections

  • 1 Ethernet control network port
         Dynamic, Self Assigned, and Manual IP address modes
  • 1 Ethercon AVB audio network port
  • Complete ecosystem of AVB solutions, including stageboxes and personal monitor mixers, will be available in 2017


  • Onboard 34x34 SD recorder (using Capture™)
  • 38x38 USB recording interface
  • 55x55 AVB recording interface

Signal Processing

  • Intuitive Fat Channel signal processing on every channel with:
         A/B settings comparison
         Highpass filter and polarity reverse
         Gate/expander with sidechain
         Compressor with sidechain
         4-band parametric EQ on inputs
         6-band parametric EQ on outputs
         Delay on every input
         Delay on every output
         Professionally programmed library of presets
  • Vintage EQ and compressor models available on every input:
         Passive EQ
         Vintage EQ
         Tube compressor
         FET compressor
  • 8 31-band graphic EQs
  • 4 internal effects buses: combination of reverbs and delays with modern and vintage options
  • Built-in real-time analyser and signal generator


  • 7-inch color touchscreen
  • Input meter on every channel
  • Full-size Fat Channel metering:
         Input meter
         Gate gain reduction meter
         Compressor gain reduction meter
  • Full-size stereo Main output meters

Scenes and Presets

  • Create, save, and edit up to 100 scenes
  • Scene management with:
         Scene Safe - prevents a scene change from affecting designated "safe" channels
  • Create, save, and edit channel settings and copy/paste between channels
  • Advanced channel preset options can save and recall:
         Channel type and name
         Input settings (preamp, +48V phantom power, polarity, pan)
         Fat Channel A & B settings
         Bus assignments
         Aux and effects send levels and pan
         Select button color
  • 8 Quick Scenes


  • Studio-quality converters with 115 dB dynamic range
  • 48 kHz operation with 24-bit resolution (44.1 kHz option coming soon)

Actively Integrated Software

  • UC Surface touch control software for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad®
  • Studio One® Professional digital audio workstation software for Mac and Windows
  • Capture™ multitrack recording software for Mac and Windows
  • QMix®-UC aux-control software for iOS® and Android™ available free from Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store