Presonus StudioLive 64S

64-channel digital mixer and USB interface (33 faders)

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Presonus StudioLive 64S is a 64-channel digital mixer and USB audio interface with 33 motorised faders.

StudioLive 64S features:

  • Powered by the new quad-core PreSonus FLEX DSP Engine to provide the most processing of any digital mixer in its class
  • 76 input-channel digital mixer with 33 touch-sensitive motorised faders
          64 channels (individually sourced from any of the 32 local digitally controlled XMAX mic/line inputs or any AVB, USB, or SD input)
          2 balanced stereo aux inputs
          1 stereo tape input (RCA, Bluetooth, USB, AVB or SD)
          8 FLEX FX returns
          1 Talkback
  • 43 mix buses
          32 FlexMixes (Aux, Subgroup, Matrix)
          8 dedicated FLEX FX buses
          Stereo Main bus
          Main Mono/Center bus with per-channel level send and Center Divergence
  • 526 simultaneous processors
          Gate / Expander
          Compressor with Fat Channel plug-in models
          4-band/6-band parametric EQ with Fat Channel plug-in models
          31-band Graphic EQ
          8 FLEX FX slots featuring legendary classic reverb emulations and delays
  • State Space-Modeled Fat Channel compressor and EQ plug-ins available on every input channel and output bus
  • FLEX FX multi-effects processor with 8 slots to load legendary reverb emulations and delays with 8 dedicated effects buses
  • 24 DCAs to control groups of channels
  • 128-channel (64×64) recording over USB
  • Onboard multi-channel SD recorder (34×34) with true Virtual Soundcheck mode
  • AVB Networking onboard (64×64) to connect with other mixers, NSB-series stage boxes, EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers and more
  • User Profiles for managing multiple operators with custom permissions
  • Per channel digital patching from any analog, AVB, USB, or SD Card source
  • DAW Control
          Advanced Studio One control integration
          MCU emulation mode optimised for Logic
          HUI emulation mode optimised for Pro Tools
  • Remote control every mix function from your computer, iPad, or Android tablet with UC Surface (included)
  • Put your musicians’ monitor mix under their fingers with QMix-UC (included) for iOS or Android
  • Capture multitrack software included
          Automated Virtual Soundcheck
          Store StudioLive mix scenes with your audio
  • Advanced Studio One integration (Studio One Artist Included)
          XMAX mic preamp control from Studio One
          Control Fat Channel parameters from Studio One mixing console