18″ active subwoofer – 700w

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RCF SUB708AS II is the ‘big boy’ of the SUB7 series by RCF – an 18″ subwoofer with enough clout to keep up with the needs of your band / venue.

There is a a handle on each side, and you’ll need a two-person lift, as it weighs in at 38kg. SUB708AS II is a powerful sub, with a great ‘note’, and is a popular choice in our speaker shootout room.

The 700W amplifier (1400w peak) helps the 18″ woofer generate a very healthy 133 dB Max SPL.

Baltic birch plywood, with a polemount on top, like you’d expect.

You get a pair of XLR inputs, with a pair of XLR outputs to link to your top boxes. You can send the signal full range to your top boxes, or chooses between 80 Hz or 110 Hz ‘x-over’. There is also a phase switch on the rear.

Height: 665 mm
Width: 505 mm
Depth: 700 mm

Weight: 38 kg

SUB708 AS II features:

  • 1400 Watt Digital Amplifier
  • 18″ Woofer, bass reflex housing
  • Stereo crossover
  • Switchable crossover frequencies
  • Phase-reverse switch
  • Electronic equalisation, soft limiter and protection
  • Stereo XLR input, Stereo XLR signal output