Australian Monitor

Australian Monitor SY400V

2 x 200W Power Amplifier (100v)

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RRP: $1,609.00

Australian Monitor SY400V is a 2 x 200w power amplifier, for 100V line systems.

This "Synergy Series' offers practical features, and delivers large amounts of power in a space-saving solution for multi-zone systems.

Like any good installation amplifier, SY400V includes many levels of protection to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation, including:

Suppression of inrush current at mains turn-on; Input muting at turn-on; Input overvoltage protection; Radio-frequency interference suppression; Short-circuit protection and indication; High overload mains fuse; Internal, independent DC supply rail fuses.

There is also efficient front-to-back cooling from dual, twin speed axial fans.

For even more horsepower, check out SY800V (for 2 x 400w)

Photo of Australian Monitor SY400V available from Factory Sound
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SY400 features

  • 2 x 200W 100V high impedance power amplifier
  • Symmetrical layout - even weight distribution
  • High efficiency toroidal mains transformer
  • Balanced inputs and buffered attenuators
  • 1 dB below output clip indication
  • Dual, twin speed axial fans
  • Multi-role output fault indication
  • Signal ground lift switch
  • Built in limiter circuit
  • High-quality, close-tolerance components throughout