Beyerdynamic TGD70D

Dynamic kick drum microphone (hypercardioid)

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Beyerdynamic TG D70D is a dynamic kick drum mic, with a nifty switch for some flavourome EQ included.

While it's small enough to get inside most kick drum holes (length 128.5 mm, head diameter 56 mm), there's also enough weight (365 g) to make it 'feel' like this is a kick mic of some substance.

The simple stuff:
Dynamic, hypercardioid. Big frequency range (20 - 18,000 Hz).

The exciting stuff:
One of the nice parts of TG D70D is the choice of using it 'as is...straight out of the box', or you can engage the EQ function. It's actually hidden away, so you won't accidentally switch it on, if you don't want.

Using the EQ switch:
So, you'll need to undo the nut that holds the swivel-able stand mount firmly in position. Once you remove the stand mount, you'll find the EQ switch (set to LINEAR straight out of the box). Flick the switch down and, according to Beyer, you'll get a "specially equalised frequency response curve, which delivers brilliant sound even without making complicated settings on the mixing console"

You can see from the diagram that it basically pulls down some frequencies below 1Kz, and has a gentle upwards ramp between 1 - 5KHz. It'll give you a nice punchy sound, without needing extra EQ. Whether you choose to use - it's entirely up to you.

Photo of Beyerdynamic TGD70D available from Factory Sound
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TG D70 features:

  • Dynamic large-diaphragm microphone for bass drum, djembe and bass amplifier
  • Easy positioning in the resonant head
  • Mass-reduced special membrane delivers exceptional impulse fidelity
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern ensures excellent feedback reduction
  • Made in Germany