Beyerdynamic TGV35DS

Handheld dynamic mic (supercardioid) with switch and cable

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Our Price: $79.00

Need to get started with a vocal microphone?

Look no futher than Beyerdynamic TGV35DS. Granted, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing model number going around… but the rest of the package is perfect!

The mic
For starters, the handheld microphone has a supercardioid pickup pattern – meaning it is naturally resistant to feedback (squeal) in most 'normal' situations requiring a microphone for spoken word or singing. The dynamic capsule does not require any addition power from the mixing board – making this microphone ideal to simply plug into a powered speaker box, if you’re trying to amplify your voice for a wedding speech, school assembly, outdoor auction, or any other simple public address situation you may encounter.

In addition, the handy on/off switch is 'noiseless' for when you need to mute the microphone signal.

The final word
As a 'starter pack', TGV35DS is perfect. Use this for DJ announcements, rehearsal rooms, schools, churches and when you need to be the Master of Ceremonies.

Photo of Beyerdynamic TGV35DS available from Factory Sound

TGV35DS features:

  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Flat, wide frequency response ?for uncoloured sound reproduction
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent isolation from unwanted sound
  • With On/Off switch