Potrable Tube Mic Preamp with Variable Valve Voicing & Limiter

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The Tube MP Studio V3™ is a staff favorite here at Factory Sound and is the perfect accompaniment for connecing any instrument condencer microphone (Such as the DPA 4099) into any source at the gig.   

The Tube MP Studio V3™ is a powerful tone shaping tool that delivers warmth and fatness to any audio source while maintaining an exceptionally low-noise signal path. While its primary function is as a microphone preamp with +48V phantom power, variable gain and phase reverse switching, the Tube MP is also an exceptionally versatile tube driven direct box for any instrument source.

V3™ (Variable Valve Voicing) Technology to instantly contour the tone to any source. V3™ presets were created and fine-tuned by some of the industry’s top studio and live-sound engineers and allow instant access to a multitude of preamp settings designed for guitars (electric and acoustic), keyboards, bass guitars, drums, vocals and more. Additionally, the Tube MP Studio V3 employs

OPL™ (Output Protection Limiting) technology to protect the next component in your signal path from clipping and overloads.

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Key Features:

  • Provides Superior Preamplification for: Microphones, Instruments and Line Level Sources
  • OPL™ – Output Protection Limiting
  • Variable Input and Output Gain Controls
  • XLR and 1/4″ Inputs and Outputs
  • +48 Volts of Phantom Power
  • Phase Reversal Switch
  • V3™ – Variable Valve Voicing
  • Hand Selected 12AX7A Provides 70dB of Gain Smooth, Warm and Fat Sound Quality
  • Excellent as a Tube DI
  • Portable, All Steel Construction



  • Frequency Response  5Hz to 50kHz (+0 to -1dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion  <.01% (clean); 0.1% (warm)
  • CMMR  > 75dB (typ. @ 1kHz)
  • Dynamic Range  <100dB
  • Equivalent Input Noise  -129dBu (A weighted, xlr to xlr)
  • Maximum Gain  80dB (xlr to xlr); 74dB (1/4″ to xlr)
  • Maximum Input Level  +19dBu (xlr); +22dBu (1/4″)
  • Maximum Output Level  +28dBu (xlr); +22dBu (1/4″)
  • Phantom Power  +48 volts
  • Power Requirements  110-125 VAC, 16W
  • Tube Type  12AX7A – Dual Triode (Hand Selected)
  • Dimensions  5.0″D x 5.5″W x 2.0″ H
  • Weight  1.5 lbs