Handmade Vari-mu Studio Mastering Compressor

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IGS Audio TUBECORE is a fully symmetric, transformer balanced stereo mastering compressor – based on the typical vari-mu solution.

TUBECORE adds density and dimension to your mix in a magical way.

Apart from the classic INPUT, THRESHOLD and OUTPUT controls it introduces a switchable high pass filter in the sidechain, parallel compression (MIX knob), independent ATTACK and RELEASE switches, and user replaceable tubes accessible from the back of the unit.

The Tubecore was designed as a studio mastering compressor. It is built using the 3U enclosure, which improves front panel clarity and makes it easier to replace tubes located at the back. The compressor allows you to work either in dual mono or mid/side mode (M/S).

The tubes:

The design of the Tubecore is based on the possibility to replace the tubes. As a user, you can choose between a few types: 6N1P-EW (6N3P-EW) – standard set of tubes, “standard” IGS compression, 6BC8/6BZ8 – tight, transparent, punchy compression, 6386 – legendary compression, by famous twin triode, 5670 – deep and dark tube compression. The User’s Manual describes in detail how to replace tubes, so it is quick and straightforward.

Every single TUBECORE is hand made with high quality, matched components (1% metal film resistors, Wima caps). It is equipped with 6N1P-EW (6N3P-EW) NOS tubes and individually calibrated to give you the unique and unspoiled experience of one of the best vari-mu compressors in history. It is equipped with IGS Custom Made audio transformers.

TUBECORE uses 24 step Elma switches.

Not the piece of gear you’re looking for?

For more hand-made IGS Audio recording channels and signal processing, check our IGS Audio brand page here

Device type
Vari Mu Compressor Yes
Basic features
All stepped manipulators 24 pole Elma switches
MID/SIDE Processing OpAmp M-S encode/decode
WET/DRY Mixer 0 – 100%, 4 dB step
Sidechain HPF 120Hz, 60Hz, Off
Input & Output
Input Impedance (balanced) XLR, 10k Ohm, IGS Custom Transformers
Output Impedance (balanced) XLR, 600 Ohm, IGS Custom Transformers
Operating Level +4dBu
Max input level +22 dBu
Max output level +22 dBu
Dynamic Range >107 dBA (@ 1kHz, +24 dBu)
Max. gain +35dB
Max Gain Reduction 20 dB
Time constants
Attack: 0.1 – 30 ms
Release: 0.1 – 4s
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz; +/- 0.2dB
Distortion (@ 20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio 87 dBA
THD 0.12%
THD+N 0.15%
IMD (SMPTE) 0.32%
Crosstalk 82 dB
Voltage 115/230V AC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption 44 Wats
Power supply External
Packing box
Dimensions 70x50x30 cm
Shipping weight 9kg
Tube set Standard: 6N1P-EW or 6N3P-EW, Optional: 6BC8, 5670, 6386

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