50th anniversary U87 with Rhodium finish

Our Price: $4,999.00

To help celebrate an amazing 50 years of U87, Neumann has produced the very limited RHODIUM edition of U87 StudioSet.

Like the 'normal' studio set, it includes a case and suspension. Unlike any other mic you’ve seen before though, this special Rhodium edition also includes a pair of gloves!

Of course, the pair of gloves is to help handle the gorgeous Rhodium finish - without leaving your fingerprints all over the merchandise.

Why Rhodium?

- Rhodium reflects more light than any other precious metal. That's why it is used for the mirrors of high-performance telescopes that study the farthest reaches of the universe
- Rhodium is rarer than gold
- The chemical process used to extract it is so expensive that the annual world production would fit under a living room table
- When Sir Paul McCartney's record sales left gold and platinum in the dust, in 1979 he received the world's first and only rhodium record

U87 RHODIUM contains exactly the same magic inside, as what you'd find in a 'normal' U87. This one, though, is a collector's item, with Neumann producing only 500 for the world - each individually numbered and certified.

Photo of Neumann U87 RHODIUM SET available from Factory Sound
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U87 (standard) features:

Singers get excited standing before it, and engineers rely on it as their 'must-have' microphone.

U87 is one of the recording world's best known and best loved - and what's not to love about it! Condenser with 3 polar patterns (omni, cardioid, figure-8) roll-off and pad. Particularly good for vocals. And the inspiration for thousands of other microphones.