Shure UA874WB

Active, directional antenna (470-900 MHz)

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Shure UA874 is a directional, active UHF antenna to help improve wireless system reception and signal integrity.

It uses a log periodic dipole array to produce a cardioid pattern towards the desired coverage area with greater rejection of RF signals outside the coverage area when compared to standard ½ wave omnidirectional antennas.

An integrated amplifier with four gain settings compensate for varying degrees of coaxial cable signal loss.

UA874 can be stand-mounted, suspended from the ceiling, or wall-mounted using the included swivel adapter bracket.

NOTE: UA874 is a direct replacement for UA870 active directional antenna.

RF Frequency Range: 470-900 MHz

UA874WB features:

  • Compatible with all Shure wireless receivers and antenna distribution systems that provide 12V DC bias
  • Four-position gain selector switch includes active, passive and attenuated settings
  • Onboard RF overload LED indicator
  • Low-noise signal amplifier compensates for transmission loss in coaxial cable
  • Integrated threaded adapter mounts easily to microphones stands
  • Legendary Shure build quality and reliability

UA874WB specs:

Connector Type: BNC, Female
Impedance: 50 ohms
Power Requirements: 10 to 15 V DC bias from coaxial connection, 75 mA
Reception Pattern: 70 degrees
Third-order Intercept Point: >30 dBm
Antenna Gain (On Axis): 7.5 dBi
Signal Gain +/- 1dB:
    Active: +12 dB, +6 dB
    Passive: 0 dB, -6 dB
RF Overload LED Threshold: -5 dBm
Dimensions: 316mm x 359mm x 36mm (H x W x D)