Broadcast standard USB Audio Interface

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USB I/O VSR by ARX is a very handy Broadcast Standard USB Interface.

Plug and Play USB 24 bit High Resolution digital/analog pro audio interface.

VSR stands for Variable Sample Rate – which allows the unit to record and playback at three different sample rates: 44.1, 48, and 96 KHz

Plug and Play or Install ASIO Driver – your choice

The ARX USB I/O VSR installs as a fully compatible generic USB audio device. The default sample rate of 24 bit 44.1 KHz requires no special driver program installation on Mac OSX, Win XP, and Win7 or 8 – just plug and play.

Here’s a facebook link to ARX announcing what ABC is doing with USBI/OVSR

ASIO Driver
To run the expanded Hi Res sample rates of 48 and 96 KHz, an ASIO driver is available for download from the ARX website –
(make sure you have the USB I/O VSR connected to the computer before installing the driver)

Controls and Connectors
The front panel has Left and Right transformer balanced and isolated analog XLR Input and Output connectors that connect to all standard balanced analog Inputs and Outputs. On the rear panel there is a Type B USB connector, as well as a ground lift switch. Sample Rate LEDs indicate that the USB I/O VSR is connected and operating, and also which Sample Rate has been selected.

Transformer Balanced
The USB I/O VSR features full transformer balanced Inputs and Outputs, providing the isolation required to eliminate earth loops / ground hum and other extraneous interaction noise and distortion.

Analog style headroom
Analog 0dB In = –18dB, FS Digital, providing Analog style headroom when recording in the digital domain. The signal then reverts to 0dB Analog Out, giving you the best of both worlds.