sE Electronics V7

Stage vocal mic – supercardioid, dynamic

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 V7 is not ‘your average’ stage vocal mic.

Like many microphones for lead vocals, it uses a dynamic capsule, with a nice tight supercardioid pickup pattern. SE Electronics proudly claim that their capsule has been “custom-developed for a crisp, open sound that perfectly captures your voice and instruments in the most natural way you’ve ever heard on stage”

Although their blurb may sound a little ‘fluffy’, the sound of V7 is far from fluffy. Our own testing through the in-store PA shootout room (and some further testing at our own gigs) confirm that V7 really is a great microphone.

A couple of extra features are on board to prove that it’s worth occasionally rethinking some older, accepted ideas to help build a better mousetrap.

For instance, the bevelled edge around the grille has been designed for function, not looks. It “prevents the V7 from rolling around when you put it down on top of your amp or the stage floor” – although why you wouldn’t just pop it back on the microphone stand is a question for another day.

V7 is definitely proving that excellent performance need not be accompanied with a high price tag.

Capsule: Dynamic
Voice Coil: Aluminum
Magnet: Neodymium
Directional Pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency range: 40 Hz – 19 kHz
Impedance: 300 Ohms
Sensitivity: 2.0 mV/Pa (-54 dB)
Connectivity: 3-pin male XLR
Diameter: 54 mm
Length: 184 mm
Weight: 305 g