Green VELCRO Brand Cable Straps – 19mm x 200mm (10 pack)

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10 PACK GREEN Cable Strap – 19mm x 200mm

Velcro Industries make the real hook-and-loop fastening cable straps for your leads.

It took seven years between thinking of VELCRO® Brand (1948), and making it a real product (1955).

That’s why genuine VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cable straps work.

Avoid cheap imitations.

19mm x 200mm
(10 pack)

These cable straps work for most signal cables, up to around 30m length.

Find a suitable ‘out-of-the-way’ place on your cable – usually closer to the ‘destination’ end of the signal path – and loop your green ONE-WRAP® through itself, securing to the cable.

At the end of the gig (or session), simply wrap your cable up, and the ONE-WRAP® will already be in place, ready to hold your cable perfectly in a neat slumber – until it’s time to again awaken the tools for action.

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What’s in a name?
Of course, we would have named this product MANY-WRAP (because you’ll get several years of good service from high-quality hook-and-loop) but that’s just how we think. Obviously VELCRO Industries has put far more thought into this than we have.