Directional microphone for smart phones

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Finally, a microphone for selfies.

For any active YouTuber, this is a simple way to immediately improve your sound.

Although the vision captured on your iPhone is perfectly useable for high quality how-to and makeover videos, often the sound capture is less-than-desirable using the internal microphone.

This cardioid (directional) microphone will help create a more focussed sound.

Which way does your phone face?

It doesn’t matter with VideoMicME – whether you’ve set your camera up for full resolution, or selfie mode, you can simply swing VideoMicME around to ensure it’s pointing in the right direction.

As with most Rode products, you get a little bonus:
A 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear allows for play-through of audio while recording (app dependent) as well as easy playback of your videos without having to remove the microphone.

VideoMic Me includes a deluxe furry windshield for shooting outdoors or in adverse weather.

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