TC Helicon

TC Helicon VL-TOUCH2

VoiceLive Touch 2

Order Code: VL-TOUCH-2
RRP: $1,149.00

VoiceLive Touch 2 gives singers unprecedented creative control of their live sound with state-of-the-art vocal effects and performance looping in an intuitive touch layout. A major update of the original, VoiceLive Touch 2 gives singers even more opportunities to hone their instrument, create new sounds, and move the masses.

It takes care of vocal tone with adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing and gating. This frees you up to focus on your performance with hyperactive slaps and echoes, aggressive distortion and Hardtune in addition to sweetening effects like deep reverb, doubling and those uncanny TC-Helicon vocal harmonies.

Adaptive Tone – compression, EQ shaping and de-essing
Rhythmic effect creates Stutter and Chopper effects
Natural Pitch correction to the infamous HardTune effect
Perfect Harmonies, reverbs, delays, doubling and much more

Photo of TC Helicon VL-TOUCH2 available from Factory Sound
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  • 9 button Touch Matrix speeds editing and control
  • Ultra-responsive Slider FX for hands-on experimentation
  • Hit button switches multiple effects from basic to shake it!
  • Tap tempo button matches Delay and Rhythmic effects timing to live beats
  • Tone feature includes Adaptive EQ, Compression, Gating and De-essing
  • Huge, free library of song and artist presets
  • Optional 3 button foot switch allows hands-free control
  • Reverb, modulation effects and tuner for guitar input
  • Innovative mic stand-to-desktop non-skid chassis
  • High quality mic pre-amp
  • USB for audio recording and playback, preset backup and more
  • Mic Control™ compatible