4 Channel Valve Microphone Preamplifier + Plus

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Sebatron VMPQuadPlus is a high voltage Class A Quad valve mic preamp.

Like any well-laid-out microphone preamp, VMPQuadPlus has got the XLR input/ouputs on the rear (plus parallel TRS outputs), with a ‘direct input’ jack on front on the front panel for each channel.

The sound of VMPQuadPlus is what anyone who plugs into it is going to be raving about. For drums, you’ll be able to hit the valves nicely (there’s one per channel), to really grab some thunder. Guitars and vocals are also happier once their running through a channel of Sebatron goodness.

Testimonials and quotes, such as “A remarkably sweet and organic tone that no other preamp can match!” are found around the world, when users have plugged into VMPQuadPlus.

Controls, per channel:
– Gain / pad knob (with switch for ‘normal’ or ‘+12dB’ operation (for some increased gain and valve flavour)
– 2 EQ switches: AIR = subtle boost around 10khz and above, and LOW CUT – which is a mild cut at around 80hz
– OUTPUT knob, which, when used in conjunction with the pad/gain knob, allows you full control of overall level and valve interaction
– Normal/Phase reverse switch
– +48v Phantom switch

VMP Quad Plus features:

  • Transformer balanced microphone input
  • Totally discrete Class A circuit
  • Two band passive switchable EQ
  • Totally Adjustable pad/gain control with +12db gain boost switch for more colour
  • 12AT7 vacuum tube run at a proper high tension providing all of the active gain
  • Signal LED on each channel
  • Solid state output stage powered by a high voltage rail for superior headroom and transient response
  • DC filament rail for low noise operation
Gain: 70db per channel
Frequency response: 20hz-110khz +/- 3db ‘air’ on
Mic input impedance: 1K ohm
Direct Input impedance: 1M ohm
Maximum input: +10dbu mic ,+16dbu direct
Maximum output level: +30dbu
Noise (EIN): -126db
Mains power input: ~110/120 or ~220/240
Current: 0.8a ~220/240 or 1.6a ~110/120
Dimensions: 482mm X 190mm X 89mm (W-D-H)
Weight: Approx. 6kg.