DPA 4099C

Clip on Cello microphone

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Our Price: $639.00

Part of the magnificent d:vote 4099™ series by DPA Microphones, the 4099C is a high performance clip-on cello microphone for live sound and stage performance.

4099C is a supercardioid condenser, and the clever mount attaches to the C and A string below the bridge, allowing for microphone capsule placement in the sweet spot between bridge and fingerboard, offering a unique combination of natural string sound and high audio separation on stage.

DPA instrument microphones work best when you give them the full 48V worth of phantom power, you'll get a natural sound, full frequency response and excellent gain-before-feedback.

If you've got a wireless system you'd like to marry up with the 4099V, check out the DAD6034 adapter for Sennheiser beltpacks, or DAD6010 for Shure beltpacks.

Photo of DPA 4099C available from Factory Sound
  • 4099c
  • 4099c-mount
  • 4099c-soundhole


  • Natural sound and high isolation
  • Superior gain-before-feedback
  • Flexible and easy mounting
  • Mount has no impact on acoustic sound
  • Detachable cable and versatile gooseneck extender