Reference VOKIT

Voiceover Kit - including NT1 mic & EVO 4 interface

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VOKIT is easily our most popular voiceover kit.

Your control centre is the new Audient EVO 4 interface, which includes Smartgain mode. Start your voiceover and Smartgain mode will automatically set the level of your microphones. See more on the interface here

The Rode NT1 microphone has a detailed midrange response, and smooth high frequencies - and includes shockmount suspension and a 'pop' screen. See more on the microphone here

The 'bonus' bits are where we have taken extra care. Just in case your headphones don't have the right connector, we've added a 'snap on' adapter by Sennheiser to be sure. The desk stand for your microphone has a solid, heavy base - much more so than the slightly cheaper options available. For this, we have chosen K&M 232 as the stand.

Last (and certainly not least), rather than throwing in a cheap microphone cable, we have included one of our handmade short cables (XLR1) - guaranteed to work as long as you're willing to work!

Voice Over Kit - NT1 Kit - 1m XLR - Evo 4 interface - Desk Stand - 6.3mm to 3.5mm Adapter

Photo of Reference VOKIT available from Factory Sound
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  • Evo4
  • 232
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