Transformer balanced 3.5mm to XLR adaptor

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RODE VXLR PRO is a 3.5mm minijack to XLR Adaptor, with power conversion & output transformer.

VXLR PRO is the 3rd release in the series of 3.5mm to XLR adaptors from RODE.

Rather than a re-hash though, VXLR PRO has an extra trick to set it aside from both VXLR and VXLR PLUS.

It is a 3.5mm female TRS socket to male XLR adaptor, for connecting RØDE on-camera microphones such as the VideoMic NTG to devices with an XLR input. It features a transformer to balance the signal, making it ideal when using long cable runs.

It also converts 12-48V phantom power to 4V plug-in power, allowing microphones like the VideoMicro and VideoMic GO to receive power from XLR devices, and features a locking connector for added security.

If you’re swinging a boom, you’ll be happy that VXLR PRO weighs in at just 84 grams.

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