2A style optical compressor

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Warm Audio WA2A is a proud member of the “use your ears, not your inheritance” school for ‘inspired’ product manufacture.

While not purporting to be an exact clone, Warm Audio unashamedly produces this “2A style optical compressor” as a way of helping your mix outside the box – if you get what we mean.

It’s a 2RU device that works wonderfully on vocals and drums, and should definitely be considered, in place of plug-ins.

Let’s check it out using Warm Audio’s own words:

WA-2A is a high-voltage, Class-A opto-compressor, utilising large-core CineMag USA Transformers, four premium vacuum tubes, and the legendary Kenetek opto-cell – considered by many to be the world’s finest.

The WA-2A operates on four tubes: two 12AX7’s, one 12BH7, and one 6aq5 (or 6P1J). We proudly use Tung-Sol and Electro-Harmonix brand tubes in the signal path, which sound very ‘open’ and LARGE. All 4 tubes are socketed for easy swapping and replacement.

WA2A features:

  • ‘2A Style, Transformer balanced, high voltage, opto tube compressor.
  • Utilises premium grade input and output CineMag USA Transformers.
  • USA made Kenetek opto-cell attenuator T4′ style module. Socketed to allow retro-fitting with other opto-cells.
  • Premium Tung-Sol and Electro-Harmonix tubes. 2x 12ax7, 1x 12bh7, 1x 6aq5 or 6p1
  • Fully discrete signal path.
  • Variable Pre-emphasis, allows for compression hipass filtering (TONE control).
  • Stereo-link capable via TRS connector
  • XLR and TRS balanced line level inputs – 600 ohms impedance.
  • XLR and TRS balanced line level outputs – 600 ohms impedance.
  • Frequency Response +/- 1 dB, 15 Hz to 20kHz.
  • Gain 40 dB ±1dB.
  • Input Level +16 dB maximum.
  • Output Level +10 dB nominal, +16 dB maximum.
  • Distortion Less than 0.1% THD at ±10 dBm.
  • Noise  = -74dB.
  • Attack Time – 10 milliseconds.
  • Release Time – 0.06 seconds for 50% release – 0.5 to 5 seconds for complete release.
  • Meter displays both dB gain reduction and dB output.
  • Power – 115/230 volts (switchable), 50/60 Hz.
  • 19″ Rackmount chassis, 2U