Shure WA310

Adapter cable, XLR female to TA4F for Shure Bodypacks

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Shure WA310 is an XLR female-to-TA4F adapter cable, to allow plugging a dynamic microphone into a Shure bodypack transmitter.

The TA4F on WA310 goes straight to the input of a Shure bodypack transmitter, including SLX1, QLXD1, ULXD1, UR1.

The female XLR can plug into anything you want, but typically it would be used for a dynamic microphone – perhaps your favourite handheld being used for an on-camera interview.

WA310 is a genuine Shure accessory part

Cable length – approx 1.2m (see below for further explanation)



A note on cable length:

Shure USA website lists this item as 4′ (1.3m)
There are differing length descriptions available, including 600mm.


Because we’re too lazy to open the package and measure for ourselves, we have taken a photo of WA310 unopened, with a ruler in place. By using 2Πr for circumference, you should be able to make a realisitic estimate.

Our best cable-length guess, assuming diameter of 11.5cm and a total of just under 3.5 circles worth of cable is 120-ish cm.