Shure WH20TQG

Dynamic Headset Mic w/ TA4F

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Heaps of headset microphones are designed for use only with wireless microphone systems.

This is one of them!

Dynamic, cardioid mic with a frequency range of 50 – 15,000 Hz, tailored for the spoken word.

TA4F Jack version:

This WH20TQG has a TAF4 (minature 4-pin female) as the connector – wired to perfectly suit any genuine SHURE wireless bodypack.

Should you need a hard-wired version to plug directly into the console of our coach or tour bus (for guided tours), choose either the XLR version (WH20XLR) or the very popular 1/4″ version (WH20QTR).

WH20TQG features:

  • Lightweight wireframe and elastic headband adjust for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Extra-strong, small-diameter attached microphone cable resists breakage
  • Collapsible microphone boom for easy storage and transportation
  • Smooth, natural frequency response comparable to high-quality dynamic hand-held vocal microphones
  • High input clipping level eliminates overload distortion
  • Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes
  • Supplied foam windscreen and clothing clip