Australian Monitor

Australian Monitor WMA25CW

25W Speaker Volume Control (stepped attenuator)

Order Code: WMA25CW
RRP: $85.00

Australian Monitor WMA25CW is a 25w wall-mount attenuator (speaker volume control).

It's a 25 watt attenuator (for 100V line systems), mounted on a Clipsal 2000 style wall plate.

Depth behind plate required for installation is 36mm.

Includes OFF position and 10 volume steps. Easy and quick to install.

Photo of Australian Monitor WMA25CW available from Factory Sound
  • Wma25cw
  • Wma25cw-rear

WMA25CW features:

  • 25 watt capacity
  • Clipsal 2000 style mounting plate
  • Phoenix connection terminals
  • Off position
  • 10 levels of volume control
  • High Quality transformer