Rode WS-Chroma

Chroma Key Windshields – 2 pack

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Rode WS-Chroma is a set of two foam windshields (one blue, one green) to suit VideoMic NTG in a green or blue screen environment.

We are “interested” in chroma keying because, well… just check the video tab to see how ‘seriously’ we take our keying.

Anyway, if you need to get your little VideoMic NTG shotgun a little closer to your talent, but don’t want to muck up your green/blue background for a live shoot (or post work), these little rippers will do nicely.

Or if you want the Rode description:

“WS-Chroma is a set of two foam windshields for the VideoMic NTG coloured blue and green, making them suitable for chroma keying. The coloured foam enables the microphone to be placed in the frame and closer to the talent for optimal sound quality. Chroma key compositing can then be used to remove the microphone from the image.”

In the box:

1 x WS-Chroma Green
1 x WS-Chroma Blue

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