Foam Pop Filter/Wind Shield for NT4

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When you purchase a brand new Rode NT4 stereo X-Y microphone, one of these specially cut foam windshields ships in the package.

Should you need a replacement, here it is.

WS4 windshield provides additional protection for the microphone capsule against any wind noise or plosives.

For even great protection against the wind when you’re capturing audio outdoors, check out the fluffy Deadkitten by Rode – it fits straight over the top of your WS4 when fitten to the NT4, and works like a dream.

Not quite what you’re looking for?

We’ve got heaps of Rode microphones and accessories here in our webstore (plus a huge amount on the shelves in store at Factory Sound).

If you still can’t find what you need, let us know and we’ll make sure you get looked after.