Standard XLR05-ST

XLR mic/signal lead, female to male, 0.5m

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0.5m Microphone Cable. REAN XLR F – XLR M

Budget-conscious cables don’t need to be cheap in quality.

STANDARD audio cables are manufactured using XLR connectors by Rean – a brand by Neutrik AG.

Use these 3-pin XLR audio cables for connecting microphones to studio preamps, or to a mixing console. They can also be used for connecting your mixer to a power amp, or directly from the mixer into a powered speaker.

STANDARD audio cables can be used for patching a range of signal processers into your audio chain, or basically any audio interconnect situation that requires 3-pin XLR for a balanced signal flow.

For either mic-level or live level, these cables are ideal.

Includes a ‘hook and loop’ fastener, to keep your cable neat and tidy at the end of the gig or session.

Just in case:

Don’t use these cables for DMX lighting purposes, or AES-EBU digital audio applications. There are better alternatives for these impedence-specific applications.