Australian Monitor ZONEMIX3

Zone Mixer with 3 stereo zone outputs

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Australian Monitor ZoneMix3 is a versatile and innovative zone mixer and signal router.

ZoneMix 3 allows remote selection of 4 stereo sources to each of 3 stereo zones, one stereo source can have selectable priority per zone, while each stereo zone boasts 5 stage equalisation.

ZoneMix 3 also has the ability to route two independent mic or line signals to any single zone or combination of zones.

Add to this remote volume control and source selection in each zone via the ZM3R remote & the ZM3M 3 zone paging microphone (both running via inexpensive CAT5 cabling) & you have an extremely high quality Zone selecting mixer – NOTE – ZM3R and ZM3M are optional accessories

ZoneMix3 features:

  • High spec stereo zone mixer – foreground or background music
  • 4 stereo and 2 mic/line inputs assignable to all/any outputs
  • 3 stereo zone outputs
  • Five stage EQ per zone
  • Link output for a second unit (6 stereo zones)
  • Optional remote source and volume selection per zone via CAT-5 cable
  • Optional remote paging microphone via CAT-5 cable
  •  Integral security covers for EQ and gain sections of the Zone Mix 3