Rode VLOGGER Kits – a peek inside

Oh Rode. You’ve done well here!

These VLOGGER kits are ready to ‘up’ your standard of mobile filmmaking – all you need to do is add a smart phone into one of the three available kits, and you are primed for a new look and sound for your documentary, journalism, vlog or even your FaceTime or video call.

While the exciting looking bit of these kits is the fabulous new MicroLED compact on-camera light, there’s a lot more to each well-though-out kit that deserves a little bit of an extra peek. Let’s do that first.

Microphones to clearly capture a talking head

It’s no secret that Rode makes great microphones. They also have a way of picking a potential need for content creators, and coming up with an excellent solution.

Your choice of VLOGGER Kit will depend on what you’re plugging into. Pictured above L-R are the directional (cardioid) microphones to suit Android (USB-C), iPhone (Lightning) or ‘Universal’ (3.5mm).

If you’re running with either the USB-C or Lightning version as your choice, you get the bonus of being able to plug a set of headphones into the rear of the microphone, to allow direct monitoring of the sound you’re capturing.

These mics provide a perfect way to not only pick up the talking voice clearly, they are also directional enough to do away with the distractions of too much background noise. You can orient the microphone to be either ‘selfie’ mode, where it’s pointing directly at your own presentation, or in ‘director’ mode, where you’re focusing on the talent in front of the camera (phone).

Note – if a soundscape is more what you’re into, these aren’t the best mics for you.

Tripod 2 – a multipurpose master

With a complete redesign from Rode’s previous tripod iteration, Tripod 2 is a fantastic addition to these VLOGGER Kits.

Tripod 2 is a sturdy three-position tripod for mounting cameras, microphones and other accessories.

In the closed position, it is comfortable for handheld use. The tripod legs can also be opened out to either a mid or wide setting, for optimal positioning and stability.

The Tripod 2 has a 1/4” thread for attaching cameras and camera accessories, and the gimbal head allows for the ideal angle.

Weight = 180g

Get SmartGrip

It’s lightweight at just 89g, and designed to hold most smartphones simply and safely.

SmartGrip has a cold shoe mount on top, for easy attachment of the MicroLED (more on that below), or other accessories.

Three 1/4” thread attachment points allow for mounting on tripods and grips in a range of orientations. The SmartGrip features rugged metal construction with rubberised grips and is suitable for mounting phones from 65mm to 85mm in width.

Let the light shine right

Like we said earlier, the addition of this MicroLED – compact on-camera light – really makes these three VLOGGER Kits come to life.

The MicroLED features four adjustable brightness settings, which will affect the run time.

Settings, Lumens and Usage time:

Low Brightness: 60 LUX, up to 255 mins
Medium Brightness: 160 LUX, up to 105 mins
High Brightness: 230 LUX, up to 75 mins
Maximum Brightness: 300 LUX, up to 52 mins

MicroLED also comes with a clip-on diffuser for reducing harsh shadows and softening the lighting. There are eight coloured filters for capturing warm skin tones, cool outdoor scenes, and everything in between – flawless shots in any environment.

Power is supplied via the USB-C charging port, which both charges the internal battery and can also operate the light.

Extra bits for 3.5mm needs

Because the VideoMicro microphone that comes with the VLOGGER Kit Universal doesn’t mount directly to your phone, you also get the addition of a DCS-1 (dual cold shoe mount), and a Rycote Lyre suspension. This allows you to mount both the VideoMicro and the MicroLED on top of your SmartGrip (the clever jaw system that holds your smartphone).

Wind protection for the outdoors type

To prove that Rode really has thought of everything for these VLOGGER Kits, you’ll also find a nice fluffy windshield inside each kit.

Yes, with the addition of some googly eyes, the above WS9 could be used as a finger puppet, but we’ve found it works best when you’re taking things outside. To prevent the horrible sound of wind cutting across your microphone element, slip the WS9 in position over the mic. It will minimise the instances of wind rumble, should a gust appear just when you’re getting the good stuff recorded.

WS9 is pretty transparent too, so you won’t lose much of your ‘top end’ frequencies if you need to slip it on.

Nice work Rode – we’re very impressed with these VLOGGER Kits.

VLOGGER Kit iOS (lightning)
VLOGGER Kit USB-C (Android)
VLOGGER Kit Universal (3.5mm)

Now in stock.

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