As part of Sennheiser’s continuing “20 years of Evolution” celebration, the Mic of the Month for April is e902 kick drum microphone.

Why do we love Sennheiser e902 so much?

After a quick round of questions to our microphone nerds in store, the answers pretty much sum up what we know already:
“They make the most of a small PA – you can grab really a defined kick drum sound, without needing to EQ”
“I don’t like it… too ‘clicky’ for me”
“They’ve got really good attack and still keep the low end frequencies”
You get the picture. We can’t agree on anything here.

Digging a little deeper into the development of e902, we found this gem:

“If you position as neutral a microphone as possible in a bass drum, you get a sound that initially reminds you of a cardboard box. You have a huge amount of self-resonance in the low and medium frequency ranges which destroy the magic for you. Although you then get a linear, “genuine” sound from the cylinder, you are not getting the sound you are expecting or hoping for.”
The quote has been lifted from the Sennheiser website, and the article (How the e902 arose from ‘blasphemy’) makes for a great 5-min read. Heinz Epping and Sebastian Schmitz were involved in the develpment of e902, and you get a wonderful insight into what they wanted to achieve, and how they set about doing that.

e902 just $149 during April – while stock lasts

Seriously, e902 was already great value. If you’ve been tossing up whether to grab one or not, this extra-special price might be just the ‘push over the cliff’ you’ve been waiting for.
We’ve got heaps in stock currently, but they’re not expected to last too long at this price. Get it while it’s hot!
Sennheiser e902 $149 – via Factory Sound webstore