It’s been so long since we’ve seen the sun in South Melbourne, that we’re all going a bit crazy just working on the studio/club tan.
But as the clouds of Winter are slowly parting, it’s the first signal that GIG SEASON is well-and-truly upon us.
It’s time to…

Get your Sennheiser guns out!

For the next TWO WEEKS*, we’ve got some great deals on Sennheiser’s fantastic e900 series microphones.
We are serious fans of the Evolution 900 series microphones for live sound applications. They’re among the best in the business.
For vocals, we have a great deal on two of the microphones:
e935 – cardioid, dynamic – popular as a stage microphone for lead vocals, and high quality backing vocals – JUST $158 (RRP $229)
e945 – supercardioid dynamic – for the discerning and talented singer, huge frequency response – JUST $215 (RRP $299)
Both of these vocal microphones are well-suited for live sound, whether it’s for an intimate setting with acoustic solo / duo, or a full band environment with a loud stage.
If you haven’t tried either e935 or e945 yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Come in to Factory Sound to see if either of these great microphones will be a good fit for your voice.

e904 and e906 premium instrument microphones

It’s hard for us to not get carried away with these mics. Not only is the e904 drum microphone super compact to stay out of the way from flailing drumsticks, it’s also rock solid to withstand the rigours of the road.
e904 – dynamic, cardioid – high SPL handling, includes drum mount – JUST $202 (RRP $289)
For taking on the job of guitar amps, many professionals turn to the ever-faithful e906. It grabs a full sound from guitar cabs and is the right shape to get nice and close if you want. Supercardioid, dynamic and includes with a three-way switch (bright, normal & smooooth) that adjusts around the 4kHz area. Nice. (or brutal, if you want).
e906 – supercardioid, dynamic – keep the tone that your guitarist has worked so hard at acheiving – JUST $202 (RRP $289)

What about kick drum, hats and overheads?

Of course, Sennheiser has got those areas covered.
For kick drum, you can look at the e901 ‘plate’ mic, condenser. It’s popular for inside-the-kick applications. If you’re more the ‘dynamic’ sort, e902 has got your kick drum covered.
To help out for overheads, or close-up on hi hats, the cardioid pattern of e914 pencil-style condenser microphone is ideal. It’s also built like a tank.
Do you need some extra special pricing on Sennheiser kick drum and overhead microphones? Get in touch and we’ll make sure you get looked after (because it’s ‘guns-out‘ season, we’ll do everything we can)

Built in Germany

Remember, all Sennheiser e900 series stage microphones are designed and manufactured in Germany at Sennheiser’s very own factory.
Got any questions? Need some advice?
Get in touch with Factory Sound and we’ll sort it out for you.

*asterisk info

These Sennheiser “Sun’s out, guns out” specials finish on 21st December, 2016.
If you need any between now and then, get cracking!